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Ring Plans

Below you will find every detail required to replicate the IYHWA wrestling ring. Please note however, every cirumstance is different, and we advise that you build your own ring to your own specifications and needs. Feel free to use ours as a guide, but remember, we had various contacts that helped us along the way. Do your research to ensure the process runs smoothly and as cost efficiently as possible.

Ring Dimensons: 4.8m x 4.8m

Materials Needed:

  • 4 Custom Built Ring Posts
  • 300 Lengths of Decking
  • 13 Lenghts of Wooden Joists

Initial Preperation

We had ordered all of our supplies before we commenced building the ring to save excess unwanted waiting time. Before we started any construction, we marked out our dimensions and dug holes that were big enough in size to support our metal ring posts. The holes we 60cm deep.

Finished Hole Finished Hole Finished Hole

Posts & Framework

With this now completed, the custom made poles were levelled and cemented into the ground accordingly. It took about 3 days for the poles to set preoperly. When the Ring Posts had set, the Wooden Joists were cut to size and then placed in the slots that we had set out in the poles. Various angles of this are shown below.

Bracing Bracing
Bracing Bracing