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About Us

IYHWA's Creation

The IYHWA was not always the acclaimed name that it has become today. Originally formed under the name IYHWE, the small upstairs federation quickly became a household name when it was introduced to the world as the "IYHWA in the October of 2005. With no previous wrestling experience, the original four members (Cryptic, Diablo, Unearth & Vertigo) built a federation quite literally from the ground up, into a phenomena that is the IYHWA.

The Downfall of IYHWA

Like most great things, they come to an end. Within one year the IYHWA had come to an abrupt end. With no prior warning, IYHWA had pulled its involvment throughout the backyard world.

The dream that became a reality after 3 months of hard work and dedication was suddenly over. The ring had become to much burden to the IYHWA crew. Constantly needing repairing, and consequently money to back it up, the IYHWA ring was taken down in March of 2007.


One year later, word had spread that the IYHWA was set to make a return in February of 2008. The rumours that were circulating internet forums and websites were confirmed as the IYHWA announced there plans for a return show in the near future.

IYHWA's return show was marked with great anticipation by all those who knew about it. This anticiaption was held for 6 months as patient IYHWA fans watched the rebirth of IYHWA take shape. A new ring was built out of steel, the website & graphics you see before you was forged from the ground up, as new improved IYHWA was about to be presented to the backyarding world.

Present Day

IYHWA continues to wrestle on a regular basis. Continuing where they left off in March of 2006. Events are filmed then presented in Music Videos, Full Matches and DVD's. IYHWA runs out of Chris Cryptic & Underminers house in Sydney, NSW Australia. Needless to say, IYHWA will be entertaining in one way or another, for many years to come.

Wrestlers that have graced the IYHWA Ring:

> Chris Cryptic
> Michael Diablo
> Curt Unearth
> Blair Vertigo
> Underminer
> Scyther
> Sarge
> Jo-Jo
> Tommy Enix
> James Synite
> Jimmy Firefly
> Mark O Mac
> Tommy Xenial
> Donni Sidewinder
> Sychotic
> Gene Knite
> Nick Fury
> AC Nirvana
> Nero
> J-Strider
> Jimmy Moore
> Krusty
> Jimmy Genocide
> Tommy Taboo
> Branden X
> Linny
> JD Reflex

Special Thanks:

> Glenn & Linda Johnston (Hosting the ring & Giving up countless hours and Funds for the IYHWA)
> Jon Bravata (Building both IYHWA websites from the ground up)
> AC Nirvana (Graphic Designer)
> Alfred Elkazzi (Oversaw the IYHWA ring construction)
> There are many others, you know who you are.