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Interview With Nero (16 February 2007)


For those who don't know you, go ahead and introduce yourself briefly.

Well my full name is, Nathan John Sweeney, i go to Oakhill College and im in year 9. I live with my Mum, Dad, 3 brothers, and my dog, Milo. I live in Castle Hill, which is like 2 minute walk from knightsbridge. And im turning 15 in a week.

Describe your personality. Do you think others see you this way? If not, why not?

I guess im a pretty down to earth kind of guy, i love my friends to death and would do anything for em', people say im pretty quite but around friends im pretty open, im fairly nice so yeh.

What would you say is your greatest quality or characteristic?

I guess i have a habbit of making people laugh at really random times, just mucking aroudn and that if thats a quality, lol.

What is your favorite subject? Your least favorite? Do you like school? Is it easy or hard?

At the moment my favorite subjects would be: Maths[because my teacher is a sped and doesnt teach us anything, so just a bludge], and Computers [Also a bludge but i would like to learn heaps more about this stuff], schools alright in patches, mostly with my friends, etc, but besides that its hell, and at the moment you cant say its easy or hard coz its the start of the year so yeh.

Do you have any nicknames you'd like to share?

haha well ive had so many nicknames over the years [some of them may seem very random], ive had Keno, Nero, Nath, Sween, Sweeney, Schpleeney, Schpoon, Schooner of Drambuiy i think that might be it

What would you say are the three most important things in your life?

1. Family and Friends
2. School
3. Wrestling

[School because i might need it in the future haha].

Do you participate in any sports other than wrestling?

Ive played Soccer for about 8 years [All at Castle Hill United], And i played tennis for a bit but not for very long, but besides that not much.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are: Wrestling, Watching wrestling, thinking about wrestling, Watching Newcastle United play, the trampoline, Soccer in general, Computer, Photoshop, And of course Sleeping.

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment? Are you looking? Describe your ideal girl.

Nah i dont have a girlfriend at the moment, but i am sorta looking. My ideal girl would have to like wrestling, look attractive, of course, with a great body and pretty face, and a great personality.

Describe your ideal day.

My Ideal Day: Waking Up at 10:30 and pack my bag to head over to Andrews house, then we would study matches on the computer and put spots together for our match later on. We would then drive to Chris' place and get ready for the event. I would have an awesome match with Andrew [AC Nirvana] with no botches and then help out with the rest of the event. Then i would head home and have a shower to get ready to go to the movies with my boys from oakhill[including andrew]

What is your favorite quote and why?

I have two, first definatly: "EXist To Inspire", and "You were born an original, Dont die a copy", they both reflect on how i feel about life and are inspiring.

Do you drink? Smoke? Have you ever done drugs?

Im a bit young to drink, but ive tasted achohol [from my standards isnt too bad], and i havent smoked or taking drugs and i really believe i never will.

What would you like to do for a living in the future?

Well definatly wrestling, i mean its my life, but its so hard to break into, especially with the talent out there today, besides that probably designing programs or something to do with the computer.

Do you plan on remaining in Australia to pursue your career goals, or do you think you will move elsewhere? Why?

Well Australia is my home, and always will be my home, and at the moment im not planning any trips, but if thats how God wants to do it, im all for it.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Well, i would love it if i was wrestling for a big promotion and earning a decent amount of money, but if wrestlings not the answer then maybe a nice job that pays, a house, and maybe with my girl.

What is one thing nobody, or very few people, knows about you that you're willing to share today?

Well very few people actually know i was born in hong kong [and no i am not asian for gods sake my mum and dad are both Aussie], and i moved to australia about 8-9 years ago, and have been here ever since.

If you became a professional wrestler, what sort of style do you see yourself wrestling with?

i guess some Technical, High flying, submission maybe, their the main ones.

Which professional wrestler would you say has had the greatest impact on you? What have you learned from him?

It would have to be Jeff Hardy, since i saw him back in mid 2001 i was inspired, just the bumps he takes with the swantons and stuff is crazy. He put his body on the line every night and thats Why he has got to where he is today. Even from all the crazy $*%t hes done in the past, hes still going strong and thats what i love about him.

Are there any backyard wrestlers you particularly admire? Who and why?

Well from IYHWA to HVWA to SCWS, some to come to mind are: CJ PhoeniX of course, Chris Cryptic, Blair Vertigo, [some of you might hit me lol but] JynX, they are the main ones that come to mind. Why? because of their move sets, their in ring ability, how they fire Up the crowd standout from all the rest.

What's the most overused move in wrestling today?

I would say the DDT and dropkick, ive seen them so many times its not funny.

Your character is a heel. Why did you choose that? Will you be playing a heel in IYHWA as well? If not, would you like to play a face?

Well actually i like being the one that bosses everyone around and gets beat fairly by the face, but im not entirely sure what is going to happen with me being heel or face in IYHWA, beacause of the amount of Heels there. So whatever the future holds im ready.

How did you get into backyard wrestling? Did you start watching BYW first or actually doing it?

Wow okay heres my story: I remember the first match i Watched was Owen Hart vs Bret Hart [i no this was when i was like 5] but i do remember it. Then in early 2000 i think that was around the times we got foXtel and just Watching Smackdown, i was hooked. It was so incredible the stuff they were doing and i was copying the wrestles moves. In 2003 i remember Watching a Backyard wrestling match and it had a sick 450 in it. After that I ordered my second PPV, which was ECW One Night Stand and Me, Andrew and Josh Watched it, then after the PPV josh said we should wrestle on my trampoline, from there it escilated to andrews huge tramp and weve had so many matches their we can be thankful for, Then Chris Cryptic joined our site, WFE Destination X [thankyou mitch for getting him] and we all found out about IYHWA, and thats how it went.

If you had to pick one professional federation to work for in the future, assuming that they all will be equally successful and that you will get paid the same amount no matter which you joined, which would it be and why?

Well the way that WWE is running now, i really dont like it. I would much rather work for TNA since it is growing and they can do basically any move they want. I would choose ROH then slowly move Up to TNA and get recognised.

What qualities do you think are necessary for somebody to be a great wrestler, both wrestling qualities/abilities as well as personality traits?

He[preferably] would have to be dedicated, not someone who would rock Up an hour late and expect a main event spot. It would have to be someone with great skill in the ring, and make the fans go crazy from a normal move like it was as if you had jumped off a ladder or something. He would have to be a genuine guy as well as having passion for the sport.

What is your favorite style of wrestling to watch?

I abolutly love Technical stuff, and i dont mind a few spiral taps here and there [lol] but in general just a decent wrestling match is always fun to Watch.

Are you looking forward to your debut in IYHWA? Are you nervous?

Yes definatly, just being at one of IYHWA's events is awesome, let alone eventually wrestling there. But first i have to get better with my moves. I'm not really too nervous because IYHWA is about fun, and hopefully thats what i will have with my time being there.

Who in WFE have you most enjoyed wrestling so far? Why?

I would have to say AC. I mean not just because hes my best friend, but because we have chemistry and connection to put on an entertaining wrestling match, and i hope he feels the same way.

Who in IYHWA are you most looking forward to wrestling? Why?

Im really looking forward to eventually wrestling Blair vertigo. I love his style in the ring and his attitude towards wrestling in general. After Watching him VS Diablo at Nightfire, he was my fav.

What do you think your best match has been?

My best match in WFE would probably have to be the 1st match of the best of 3 series vs AC, in which i won [what a surprise], i really liked this match and the moves and spots that were in it.

What do you think you need to improve on most in terms of your wrestling?

I think i need to learn to take Clotheslines, and other moves better so i sell them alot better. Also Submissions, and break falling, so i need to learn more about nearly everything.

What do you think the best match in WFE has been?

Well, i would probably have to say the crazy Hardcore match, Mitch vs AC, i was filming and it was so awesome to Watch. It was one hell of a match and i take my hat off to both of them [if i had one].

Who do you think are the top three wrestlers in IYHWA and why?

I would have to say [in no order] Michael Diablo, Chris Cryptic and Blair Vertigo. No questions asked these guys [in my opinion] are the best in IYHWA [no offense to the other wrestlers].

Who do you believe is the most underrated wrestler in IYHWA? Why do you think that? Why do you believe he is underrated?

I think Tommy EniX, i was at one of the events and he was whipping out SSP's, moonsaults, and crazy stuff before the event even started. I think he will hold the IYHWA title one day, and boys Watch Out! lol.

How do you see your character developing a year from now?

I think my character will be arrogent and a true heel[if chosen heel] or a baby face[if chosen face], by then he will have developed his moves and gotten better at alot of things, so im looking forward to a years time.

Describe your current ring attire. How did you select this attire? Do you think it says anything about your character?

Well my current attire is:

Brown Shirt [From Parklea]
Sweat Bands [used as elbow pads]
White boardies, with sick red/black design
Black Knee Pads
Black Kickpads
And White socks

and i dont really think it reflects my character, with dark and light colours used

How did you choose your wrestling name? Do you plan on changing it in the future?

Well at the start my wrestling name was Mysterio[From Rey Mysterio] Then i noticed Nero Burning CD program, and i thought it was pretty sick, and then i found out that Jeff Hardy's Middle name is Nero so that stuck.

and i dont plan on changing it in the future, since i wouldent no what to.

What is a successful match to you? What has to happen for you to consider that you did well in it?

It would have to be built Up like a boXing match, and have absolutly NO botches what so ever. It would have a nice flow and chemistry between the two wrestlers involved, with plenty of Technical and high flying action in it, and have a sweet ending.

Step us through what the day of an event is like for you. Do you do anything special to prepare? Is it fun and games or business?

I wouldent think i have a special something to get me pumped Up for the event, just jumping on the spot does it for me. Its all fun untill you step into the ring, then its time to put on an entertaining match.

As a wrestler, what would be the biggest compliment you could receive from a fan? From your fellow wrestlers?

Just a "Wow dude awesome match" with maybe a "i loved your ..", that would just make me wanna wrestle again and again, especially if it was from a fellow IYHWA wrestler.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

[If i have any lol] Dudes Thanks for keeping with me, and eXpect heaps more from me with IYHWA, respect for all of yous and stay tuned for a new Nero, IYHWA style.