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Interview With Michael Diablo (11 February 2007)

Michael Diablo

For those who don't know you, go ahead and introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Michael Charalambous a.k.a Michael Diablo, I am currently 17 years of age. I have been a wrestling fan for about 3 years now and my life would be very different without it.

I am currently in year 12, my final year of schooling, can't wait to finally finish up.

I enjoy going to the gym, playing poker and of cause wrestling with my buddies.

Describe your personality. Do you think others see you this way? If not, why not?

Well, when i'm around people I know well, such as the IYH boys, i'm reasonably loud and joke around a fair bit.

When people first meet me i'm pretty quiet and don't say too much.

Different people would say different things about my personality I guess.

What would you say is your greatest quality or characteristic?

I'm a loyal mofo, i wouldn't dog my friends for anything so booyakasha.

What is your favorite subject? Your least favorite? Do you like school? Is it easy or hard?

My favourite subject at the moment would have to be maths. The work is easy and the class is great. Cryptic, Vertigo, Enix are all in the class so there's always something funny happening.

I have two least favourite subjects; Ancient History and Religion. My Ancient History teacher makes the class boring and my Religion classes seem to go on forever.

I don't mind school that much most days. School only sucks when we have an assessment week and stuff like that.

School isn't too hard most of the time, it would be much easier if I started assessments and studied for exams earlier though, I'm pretty hopeless with that sometimes.

Do you have any nicknames you'd like to share?

Just about everyone calls me Chara. It's a shortened version of my last name for the slower people, CHARAlambous. Everyone at school calls me it, even some teachers. There is one certain teacher that calls out "Charrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa" whenever he sees me.

The nickname caught on from about year 5 of primary school and has stuck.

What would you say are the three most important things in your life?

The three most important things in my life would have to be: 1. Family & Friends
2. School
3. Wrestling

1 and 3 mean a lot to me and I need number 2 to be able to help me succeed in my future endeavors.

Do you participate in any sports other than wrestling?

I have competed in a number of sports throughout my life including Soccer, Tennis and Rugby League but at the moment i'm only participating in wrestling.

What are your hobbies?

One hobby I have is fishing. I try to do it at least once every two months. I prefer boat fishing but most of the time I just do rock fishing.

When rock fishing I mainly fish for Snapper and Bream but when boat fishing we aim for Tuna, Kingfish and Marlin.

Who is "we?"

I usually go fishing with my Dad and Grandpa.

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment? Are you looking? Describe your ideal girl.

I don't have a girlfriend and I'm not really out looking for one at the moment.

Ideal girl would have to have a great personality, not find the whole wrestling thing gay (if that's possible, lol) and of course, be attractive.

Describe your ideal day.

-Wake up at 8:30 in the morning, find my spot sheets that I have studied thoroughly and know well. Eat my usual breakfast (5 weetbix, toast and tea).

-Watch some MV's for more ideas for my match

-Pick up my bag, that I packed the night before, go get my bike and ride to Knightsbridge shops and meet Blair then ride to Chrises house, arrive at about 10 am.

-Fix up whatever has to be done to the ring and then the HWS boys arrive

- 10:30 read over spots with my opponent, go through our stuff until we feel confident with everything.

- Watch some great matches then have a mad match that i tell Chris to put in the "Full matches" section of our site.

Do you drink? Smoke? Have you ever done drugs?

My parents don't really mind me drinking alcohol but I don't do it often. I have never smoked or done drugs and I honestly believe I never will.

What would you like to do for a living in the future?

In the future I wouldn't mind being an accountant. It's a good paying job which is the main thing that matters to me when choosing an occupation.

Do you plan on remaining in Australia to pursue your career goals, or do you think you will move elsewhere? Why?

I plan on staying put in Australia, all my family and friends live here and I would miss them if I had to go and work in another country.

If I was offered a rather large raise to work overseas for a year or less I'd probably take it but I wouldn't want to stay overseas permanently.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Well I'll be 27, which is a scary thought.

Hopefully i'll have a secure job that pays well and a good relashionship.

What is one thing nobody, or very few people, knows about you that you're willing to share today?

Well, not many people know that I have a relative that runs an Australian professional wrestling promotion.

Some of the IYH boys met him a month or two ago and i'm pretty sure most of them were shocked to see that my "My great uncle owns a pro wrestling fed" story was not a load of bullshit.

If you became a professional wrestler, what sort of style do you see yourself wrestling with?

If I were to become a professional wrestler I could see myself wrestling a mainly technical style with some high-flying aspects.

Which wrestler would you say has had the greatest impact on you? What have you learned from him?

The one professional wrestler that has had the greatest impact on me would have to be Bryan Danielson (surprise surprise).

The man is a true god in the ring, he always seems to get the fans involved in his matches which is a great talent to have.

I have learnt how to make my moves look stronger by watching him, my wrestling style would be very different if I had never seen any of Danielson's work.

Are there any backyard wrestlers you particularly admire and why?

I must say, when I first started backyard wrestling I admired all the HVWA boys. My moveset consisted of 'the move Sychotic did at ______" and "CJ Pheonix's arm bar thing that he did at _______". When I first started backyarding I never knew of ROH and had only heard of TNA so all the moves the HVWAers were doing were new to me as I was used to just seeing more basic moves that are used in the WWE. Nowerdays I admire all the HVWA and YWF boys but in a different way, especially after seeing some of their work at Auzfest 3.

What's the most overused move in wrestling today?

The eyerake is a very overused move, you see it in just about every match a heel is involved in. It's a quick way of getting some heat from the crowd I guess.

Your character is a face. Why did you choose that? Would you like to play a heel?

I chose to be a face mainly to try and balance out the heel to face ratio in IYH.

I would definately like to play a heel sometime in the future, I'd probably prefer playing heel over face, especially at live events such as Nightfire where you can get into fans faces and stuff like that.

How did you get into backyard wrestling? Did you start watching BYW first or actually doing it?

I pretty much got into backyard wrestling from being a professional wrestling fan.

Me and the IYH boys initially wrestled in the upstairs bedroom of Chrises house as WWE characters, it was great fun at the time.

After doing two upstairs shows and destroying a lounge (Not sure who did this) , screwing up a CD player (Blair and Alfred) and braking a railing that goes around Chrises stairs (Tom) we found the HVWA site and started watching some of their stuff. This inspired us to build a ring of our own in Chrises backyard and after a year and a little bit, here we are today!

If you had to pick one professional federation to work for in the future, assuming that they all will be equally successful and that you will get paid the same amount no matter which you joined, which would it be and why?

I would definately have to choose ROH. The wrestling that happens at ROH is out of this world at times and the crowd involvement is fantastic. ROH aims its product at an audience i would prefer to wrestle in front of rather than a typical WWE audience.

What qualities do you think are necessary for somebody to be a great wrestler, both wrestling qualities/abilities as well as personality traits?

To be a great wrestler, someone needs to have a passion for the business and be prepared to dedicate a part of their lives to putting in the work that is needed to train as well as they can. Being charismatic and confident also helps a lot.

Abilities that make a great wrestler include athleticism, speed, agility and technique

What is your favorite style of wrestling to watch?

My favourite style of wrestling to watch would definately be the typical sort of match you see in ROH, fast paced, technical with plenty of reversals.

Who have you most enjoyed wrestling so far? Why?

So far I have enjoyed wrestling Blair the most, mainly because we had a match at NightFire in front of a great crowd.

Of those you have not yet faced, who would you most like to wrestle? Why?

I would definately like to face IYH's latest recruit MC Sorrow sometime in the future.

What do you think your best match has been?

Im think my best match has been against Blair at Nightfire. We had a bit of pressure on us because we were maineventing our first ever crowd event and if we stuffed up we would make the whole of IYH look bad, but we delivered a pretty good match that I was pretty proud of.

What do you think you need to improve on most in terms of your wrestling?

I definately think I need to improve on match flow. I have achieved this in some of my recent match but i'd like to take it a lot further.

What do you think the best match in IYHWA has been?

Blair vs Chris at Damnation and Chris vs Sean at NightFire both come to mind. Blair and Chris have excellent chemistry with eachother and Chris vs Sean at NightFire flowed very well.

Who do you think are the top three wrestlers in IYHWA and why?

In my opinion the top three wrestlers in IYH are (in no particular order and not including myslef) Curt Unearth, Blair Vertigo and Chris Cryptic. I chose these three because I find them most easy to work with.

Who do you believe is the most underrated wrestler in IYHWA? Why do you think that? Why do you believe he is underrated?

I believe that Curt Unearth may be one of the most underrated wrestlers in IYHWA. His style isn't all that flashy so he can often be over-looked in MV's, but he is one of the easiest people in IYHWA to work a match with.

Explain the character you try to play with your in-ring personality. What's he like? What drives him? What is his style?

Michael Diablo in the ring is very intense. My character is much like my real life self, only difference is he is nicer, because he is face. Before RTTT he's drive was to de-throne Chris Cryptic of his title, but now it's to defend the IYHWA title with honour.

Diablo's style is technical with a little bit of high flying, i've tried to make most of his moves high impact and/or fast to get the intensity across as well.

How do you see your character developing a year from now?

A year from now, I'd definately like to see my character turn into a ruthless heel, I do prefer playing the heel so I do hope a heel turn is somewere down the line.

Describe your current ring attire. How did you select this attire? Do you think it says anything about your character?

My current in ring attire is a pair of board-shorts (I currently have 2 different pairs that I wear, both with the same colours-red, white and black), red shoes, white kickpads and knee pads and a white t-shirt.

All of my attire was purposely selected for my attire, except for my t-shirt which was a Christmas present. I have tried to stick with the same colour scheme, red white and black for every thing I wear. My attire has no real significance to my character.

How did you choose your wrestling name? Do you plan on changing it in the future?

My original wrestling name was just 'Diablo' but I changed it to Michael Diablo when I realised that Diablo sounded pretty lame by itself. I got 'Diablo' from the car, Lambourgini Diablo and Michael is my first name in real life.

I would only change my name if I were to go pro, I'd keep the Michael part but i'm not sure what I'd make my last name.

What is a successful match to you? What has to happen for you to consider that you did well in it?

For me to be happy with a match, it has to flow from beginning to end with little to no botches.

For me to consider one of my matches really good and feel that I did well in it, it has flow all the way through, have no obvious botches, go for a good amount of time, have a few high-spots and if appropiate, it has to tell a great story.

If there was one thing you could change about IYHWA, what would it be?

It would be the amount people we have. We have currently introduced some new recruits, but it would be great to have a really large roster with some highly skilled members. Matches are beginning to get repetive in IYHWA and a huge roster would put and end to it, but I don't think the roster will get any bigger than it currently is.

Step us through what the day of an event is like for you. Do you do anything special to prepare? Is it fun and games or business?

I normally pack all my gear the night before so I don't forget anything. I plan some stuff for my match after I wake up, then study over my stuff. About 15 minutes before I am supposed to be at Chrises I ride my bike up to the local shops where I meet Blair and then ride to Chrises which luckily isn't to far away.

After arriving to Chrises I would normally muck around for a while, throwing stuff out the window towards people who are planning for their matches and what not. It's all fun and games most of the time, but i'm serious when it comes to planning for my match. The fun and games continue until about 10 minutes before my match, I spray my hair and have a final talk with my opponent and before the match and before I know it the music hits and the match is on.

As a wrestler, what would be the biggest compliment you could receive from a fan? From your fellow wrestlers?

From a fan, it's great to hear them say that they really enjoyed one of my matches and it stood out for them on an MV.

From a fellow wrestler it's motivating when they say the "insert crazy spot I thought if here" was heaps good and it's all ways good to hear that i'm improving.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thanks for taking the time to download and watch our mv's and a special thanks to the ones that leave feedback, i really appreciate it.